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Subarachnal Hematoma

A few years ago I called “the doc” at the insistence of my wife. I’m a professor and I had to stop a lecture due to serious speech problems. It all started with a fall I’d taken off a scaffold 3 weeks prior where I hit my head. I felt a little dizzy after and had a mild headache, but recovered quickly with the help of a homeopathic remedy that my wife had given me.

However, when I suddenly couldn’t talk, I knew this was serious. I had it checked out at the local hospital and the surgeon there told me that he needed to do brain surgery to remove a subarachnal hematoma, which comes from blood pooling between the skull and the brain. He said it clot and has to be removed. He explained it was a risky surgery, with a high chance of side effects, but it had to be done.  I was ready to go have the surgery but my wife insisted that I call Mr. Mueller.

After discussing the matter with Mr. Mueller, I decided to give homeopathy a try, especially since the surgeon couldn’t guarantee that the speech or other long term sequels would cease.

Within three weeks of taking remedies, all my speech symptoms disappeared. After 6 weeks, a second CT scan showed no trace of the hematoma. The surgeon said he had never seen this before.

I’ve not had a problem since. It’s been five years now.

Fayetteville, NC

Office Staff

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