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The Mueller Method

You Will Learn

  • The importance of selecting the potency and the dose (there is a difference!)
  • The benefits of Q (LM) potencies vs. centesimal potencies
  • Repetition of dosing, proper selection of the dose appropriate to the patient’s sensitivity level
  • What is an aggravation (is it a proving or an obstacle you can remove with RCT Protocol)?
  • How to recognize and treat the predisposition to cancer (cancer diathesis)
  • How to most effectively use the nosode Carcinosinum
  • How to treat cancer including relevant lifestyle changes
  • How to remove and reverse the damage caused by drugs, vaccines, toxins, etc.
  • When it is necessary and how to use alternating daily doses of remedies
  • How to address acutes during chronic treatment, including dosing and potency selection
  • Proper mercury amalgam filling removal procedures
  • A safe, effective and most gentle mercury removal protocol
  • Issues with other dental materials
  • The devastating health effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation and how remove them
  • How to treat the sensitive patient who reacts to everything including homeopathic remedies
  • And so much more


Miasms or Drug Disorders?

Did you know, many patients who you treat that have chronic disorders are on five or more medications when they arrive for their first consultation? And you may find in their history a long list of discontinued drugs. What about the fact that medications still affect the patient’s health and are responsible for many of the patient’s present symptoms and conditions, even after they have been discontinued?  This fact has been documented by many homeopaths, and in numerous scientific studies.


Many homeopaths are taught that chronic diseases are the result of “miasms” and other nebulous concepts. However, the reality is, today’s homeopaths mostly encounter patients with chronic drug-induced disorders and complex iatrogenic conditions.

Modern suppressive drugs act against the natural healing response and interfere with the normal restoration of health. In addition, drugs set up new chronic disorders of their own. These disorders are then treated with new drugs. Toxic exposures resulting from the life-style, environment and occupation of the patient can bring about additional disorders, again usually suppressed by more drugs.  In the end, we have a series of complex chronic, artificially induced disorders with symptoms quite different from the natural constitutional characteristics. In homeopathy we call the effects of these drugs and other influences “obstacles to cure.” They can produce intense aggravations during constitutional treatment and prevent true cures.

Practical Solutions: Reverse Chronological Tautopathy (RCT)

a.k.a.  Clearing Remedies

By following a tested pre-treatment of Reverse Chronological Tautopathy (RCT), you’ll have the tools you need to overcome years of suppression, acute drug/vaccine reactions, the long-term effects of “antipathic” or recreational drug use and of other exposures, including ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, pesticides and other toxins and poisons. If properly conducted this protocol can bring about rapid improvement and even complete recovery from chronic disorders even before constitutional treatment is instituted. RCT increases your ability to remove these induced disorders and obstacles to cure, and to really cure your patients.

Learn How To Apply RCT To Your Everyday Practice

Learn the necessary first steps one must take, how to discontinue medications, how to work with medications that cannot be discontinued, how to remove the secondary effects of past drugs and exposures, the proper order to follow, how to select the right “antidotes”, how to use repetition of remedies, how to treat for any remaining effects, what you can expect from this kind of treatment and more.

“But how am I supposed to determine which symptom is from which drug? There are so many…” 

A valid question, since this is inevitably what you will be faced with. By going through a systematic process of clearing these secondary effects (RCT) you don’t have to worry about which drug or exposure caused which part of the disorder. Over time, once you begin to look into the side effects (symptoms) of antipathic drugs through references like the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR), and likewise the symptoms of other exposures, you’ll begin to recognize certain patterns by class of drug, etc., and the picture and scope will begin to unfold for you even more.

“But there are really no symptoms to speak of. Why bother clearing for the effects of past exposures?”

Suppression of symptoms (no symptoms) is also a symptom! There is no disputing that drugs and pathogens have long-term health effects. These will become evident sooner or later – whether tomorrow or 10 years from now.  Methods such as RCT allow you to not only remove the current obstacles to cure but to prevent future iatrogenic and environmental diseases by reversing the action of these offending exposures.

Does your patient have multiple disorders at one time? Or, do they have too many symptoms to possibly cover with one remedy?

Learn how to alternate daily remedies to cover all the symptoms of complex chronic disorders, as Hahnemann explained in aphorisms 40, 41 and beyond in the Organon 6th Ed. Modern clinical observations and studies show that when several chronic condition co-exist, that alternating the simillimum for each condition is the best approach.  Learn how to avoid unnecessary aggravations. Learn to overcome serious chronic disorders the easy way—by reversing the most recent conditions first. You will also learn to use remedies PRN (as needed) during chronic treatment and how to manage treatment with multiple remedies at one time.