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Thyroid Cancer

I was 28 years old and had a 4-6 a day cigarette habit. I began to feel a “lump” in my throat that felt as if something were lodged in there, and it was getting bigger. One day, I palpated my thyroid area and felt it- a stony hard nodule about the size of a pea with irregular borders. Testing revealed CANCER of the thyroid.

Over the past few years, I have been witness to cancer treatments in SEVEN different folks. Of course, the question I still ask myself is “why the HELL didn’t you quit smoking sooner, IDIOT??” Three of those were family members and the other four were neighbors and/or friends.

The problem was, NONE OF THE CANCER SUFFERERS I KNEW WERE SICK UNTIL THEY WERE TREATED FOR CANCER WITH CHEMO AND RADIATION. ONLY 2 OF THEM SURVIVED TREATMENT, but they were damaged and half the person they were before treatment. I couldn’t subject myself to those odds, especially when I have a history of getting “side effects” from conventional medications anyway!!

I vowed I was going to avoid conventional treatment at all cost. My husband, fortunately, was supportive of my choice. He, too, saw how treatment had made wrecks of the survivor’s lives. We went on the web. We asked around. We prayed We started eating 100% organic food. I, of course, immediately stopped smoking and avoided all places where people were smoking. I was ready to change my life.

Then, I found homeopathy and Mr. Mueller. He is halfway across the country from us but was referred to us by a local homeopath who did not work with cancer cases but knew of his expertise in the field. I kind of like that I just have to pick up the phone! I mean, who has time anymore for the driving and endless waiting in line at the doctor’s office, anyway??

Without a doubt, Mueller proceeded more scientifically than any of my conventional doctors had! In fact, he is so knowledgeable on diseases, drug side effects, causes of illness and medicine in general, that WE COULDN’T BELIEVE HE WAS NOT AN “MD”!!

The tumor receded within 6 months in my case. I did EVERYTHING he and I discussed during our consultations- the diet, changes in my lifestyle and in my home. I’m happy to report that I am healthier now than I ever was before. And I was still able to have healthy babies with my husband BECAUSE I DIDN’T TAKE THOSE NASTY CHEMO DRUGS THAT MUTATE YOUR GENES, CAUSE EARLY MENOPAUSE AND/OR RENDER YOU STERILE.

This was eight years ago. I am still cancer free and even healthier than ever. My husband and I have two amazing children and we all see Mr. Mueller for our chronic and acute health conditions. I could give you at least a dozen other testimonials from my family, but this is by far the most significant story. As far as we are concerned, HE WILL ALWAYS BE OUR DOCTOR, even without an “MD” behind his name!


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