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Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Cured with Homeopathy

 Homeopathy: a “new” treatment for Multiple Sclerosis?

Keywords: The Mueller Method of homeopathy, multiple sclerosis, weakness, paralysis, erectile dysfunction, depression, suicidal, concussion, traumatic brain injury, alternative medicine, drug side-effects, neurological disorders, the cancer diathesis, homeopathic treatment for multiple sclerosis


Jerry was a tall man, age 46, intelligent, polite, trim, but barely able to walk, and looking visibly discouraged.

Jerry’s chief complaints were progressive weakness in his left leg, numbness in his left hand, and fatigue. His complaints began in 1993 while he worked as a scientist for a major pharmaceutical company. Extensive medical evaluations were done. The initial finding was “possible demyelinating disease.” As Jerry’s symptoms progressed, he noted marked difficulty with leg coordination and with balance while walking. In 1995, he was laid off due to “downsizing” when the company was taken over by another pharmaceutical drug giant. The layoff was very traumatic for him. A year later, he was diagnosed with Progressive-Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (PRMS), more commonly called Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS). The diagnosis was made through brain MRI and enhanced spinal MRI.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous system – the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. MS causes destruction of the coating or myelin sheath that surrounds and protects nerve fibers (axons). This damage can disrupt the normal flow of messages or nerve impulses from the central nervous system, causing a reduction or loss of body function. Often, the nerve fibers are also destroyed. Here are some interesting facts about MS:

  • It is diagnosed more than twice as often in women as in men
  • MS seems to be concentrated in certain areas of the world. For example, higher rates of MS are found in those living farther from the equator.
  • MS has been associated with certain viruses like mononucleosis (Epstein Barr), varicella zoster (herpes simplex virus 3) and Hepatitis A & B vaccines, although some claim research is lacking to prove this.


The Mercury-MS Connection

An often overlooked and all too common cause of MS is chronic mercury toxicity. This heavy metal is a liquid at room temperature, a vapor at body temperature, and is found in dental amalgam fillings (dark grey/silver ones), vaccines (in the form of Thimerosal), some fish & seafood, and in industrial air and water pollution. Mercury can cause demyelination of the nerves and produce lesions in the central nervous system[1]. MS patients have eight times more mercury in their spinal columns, as shown in autopsies. MS patients frequently suffer from chronic viral infections, which would help explain the viral connection to MS[2]. In fact, I have discussed this topic in the tutorials Treating Modern Mercurialism, Part 1[3] and Chronic Mercury Toxicity, Part 2[4].

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has pointed out that cells, in order to protect themselves against mercury-induced cell death, allow microbial cultures culture to grow and place mercury in the nucleus of these cells. Chronic viral, bacterial, fungal, or yeast infections are often found in patients with chronic mercury intoxication. Instead of destroying the microbial cultures with antibiotics and risking renewed exposure of the cells to mercury, using a mercury detoxification regimen along with homeopathic treatment can safely remove the mercury and prevent damage to the nerve cells of MS patients.



Lack of Balance, Depression and Sensory Issues

Jerry only made an initial appointment at the strong urging of his girlfriend. Molly had earlier taken my brief study course in homeopathy, and had also been a patient who successfully recovered from several health problems. Jerry came to his first consultation in Fall 2000. My Office Manager had to help Jerry up the stairs to our office, as he was barely able to navigate them himself. His left leg looked weak and barely able to support his weight. As he came down the hallway I noted he was holding on to the walls, and, once in the consultation room, he held onto the furniture. Was this because of weakness of the leg or because he was unable to balance?

He confirmed the latter was the case. There was enough support from his leg to walk on it, but he had great difficulty climbing stairs. Jerry said his left hand was so weak he had to struggle opening a jar and there were sensory issues, too, such as numbness and tingling, and lack of sensation. He was unable to feel the size of coins in his left pocket, i.e. to tell a quarter from a nickel. He could barely grasp a coin to feel it without looking at it. He was frustrated with his doctor disregarding these worsening, subjective sensory symptoms.

“My doc is trying to pretend his treatment is working. I have told him about these worsening symptoms for the past two years. The medication is clearly not working. I have been progressively going downhill,” he reported.

Jerry had decided to discontinue the conventional medications and had started self-treatment with a vitamin/ mineral regimen two weeks earlier. He also quit smoking cigarettes. He had been receiving Avonex injections (Interferon Beta-1a) since 1996 via intramuscular injection; he was given Solu-Medrol (Methylprednisolone), a synthetic steroid, for his MS exacerbations and intermittently, he took Prednisolone. Last year, he had seen a psychiatrist and was prescribed Ritalin (Daytrana, Concerta) for depression. Regarding the Ritalin, he regularly took a ‘drug vacation on the weekends to avoid tachyphylaxis (habituation to a fixed dose of a drug) symptoms,’ but finally decided to discontinue the Ritalin a few months ago. Recently, he began taking treatment for a mild case of Grave’s disease – his TSH levels were too low. Interestingly, Grave’s disease is a possible effect of chronic mercury intoxication. I also noted his history of drug side effects.


Health & Family Histories

Jerry was reportedly healthy prior to being diagnosed with MS. He was athletic, captain of his football team in high school, and never had trouble with stamina. In the 1980s, he had taken the drug Accutane for acne, and had noted numerous negative side effects. Other notable events in his health history were:

  • Recent flu vaccines, containing Thimerosal
  • Addictions: although he had quit smoking recently (known to contain mercury), he continued to smoke marijuana almost daily.
  • Appendectomy at age 18
  • Moderate concussion (traumatic brain injury) during a football game
  • Several dental amalgam “silver” fillings placed during high school
  • Fractured arm at age 10
  • Scarlet fever at age 3
  • Standard childhood vaccinations containing Thimerosal, a mercury preservative

His family history included a maternal grandfather with cancer of the liver and pancreas; a paternal grandmother diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia; and a father with heart disease.

Emotional Traumas

Jerry identified three emotional traumas that were still affecting him:

(a) Most recently, the loss of his job due to “downsizing”. He was let go rather brutally by the company he had worked for more than 18 years. He felt hurt and betrayed. Initially he had been the “golden boy”, praised by his superiors and admired by his colleagues. He was proud of his achievements in neuromuscular research. At the time he was laid off, many colleagues were let go, too. Three of them committed suicide; one of them was a young woman of eighteen. He felt traumatized by the experience. He himself had contemplated suicide several times.

(b) An ugly divorce from his second wife in 1991. She ended up taking legal action against him

(c) A divorce from his first wife in 1985, which also was traumatizing.



Subjective (and Telling) Symptoms

Jerry had some interesting subjective symptoms: a peculiar sensation in his chest and abdomen, as if his muscles were tightening around the thorax, and abdomen, squeezing him or sitting on him like a weight. His muscles felt tight from neck to hips, and his hamstrings were tight. His right leg felt as if he had pulled a muscle. In the past he had several episodes of falling from lack of balance. He dropped things from lack of sensation. He struggled with lack of hand-eye coordination. He had a staggering gait.

In addition to paralytic symptoms, he had a severe lack of stamina, which was progressively worse. Jerry had a great sensitivity to heat, so that he could not spend time outdoors in summer. His lack of balance came with dizziness and was worse from exertion, from looking up, reaching up; he was better from sitting down.

Jerry was depressed, disappointed with his lot in life. He was suicidal at times and sleepy all the time. He felt he “lacked a road map” in life. He had been noticing progressive memory loss where he could not remember dates, appointments, names, proper words, etc.


Jerry’s Health Assessment, a Homeopathic Perspective

In my assessment as a homeopath, there were several disorders and maintaining causes affecting his health.

(1) Chronic mercury intoxication, from Thimerosal containing vaccinations[5], and from the several amalgam fillings still present in his teeth[6]. Amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury; the rest is an amalgamation of copper, tin, silver and zinc. A single amalgam dental filling evaporates an average .33 μg of mercury per day, which is absorbed by the organism and travels quickly to the vital organs[7]. Mercury enters the central nervous system within 29 days of placing an amalgam filling[8]. I believed this was possibly a major cause of Jerry’s neurological signs, including demyelination, and the lesions in his brain. Multiple scientific studies have linked mercury with MS[9], and our homeopathic literature also lists a host of neurological symptoms including “Multiple Sclerosis” under the pathogenesis of mercury.

(2) Emotional trauma, as a result of three events described above, likely playing a role in his depression.

(3) An inherited “cancer diathesis” – a systemic pathological entity with distinct personality characteristics identified and described by J. Compton Burnett and J.H. Clarke more than a century ago. It represents a hereditary or acquired predisposition to cancer[10] that also includes susceptibilities to other disorders, including Multiple Sclerosis. Jerry’s personality was empathetic, always ready to help, but there was also a tendency to be taken advantage of. In his work, he was a perfectionist. He had a history of drug side effects and an addictive personality, and when questioned, he defended his marijuana habit. There was a family history of schizophrenia and cancer. The cancer diathesis could explain the feeling that he “lacks a road map in life.”

(4) Cell phone exposure. He used his phone constantly, even keeping it under his pillow at night while he slept! Microwaves used in telecommunications can produce brain damage with lesions in the brain[11], and even brain tumors[12]. Cognitive dysfunction and other signs of dementia have also been observed. Memory loss can be due to constant microwave irradiation. Microwaves from telecommunication devices have also been shown to exacerbate the leaking of mercury from amalgam fillings[13]; as well has increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier[14]. For a further explanation of how mercury and microwave radiation can interact and cause even more devastating effects, see the article “The Mueller Method – Digging Deeper into Your Homeopathic Toolbox.”[15]


Sensitivity, Clearing Remedies, Suppressed Symptoms

Jerry began his treatment on December 7, 2000. Many of his symptoms were covered by the homeopathic remedies Natrum muriaticum and Aurum metallicum. He alternated these in ascending Q (LM) potencies on a daily basis. He also took, in reverse order, homeopathic “clearing remedies,” pharmacodes prepared from agents that could have played a role in the development of this chronic disorder: drugs such as Avonex, remedies prepared from MRI and X-ray, tetanus shots; etc. I developed this method called Reverse Chronological Tautopathy (RCT),[16] although in clinic we simply call them “clearing remedies” and have found this a very useful approach to remove known and potential obstacles to cure.

At his first follow-up, Jerry reported an initial exacerbation of his depression. In my opinion, this was due to a hypersensitivity to homeopathic remedies. It was corrected by further diluting his dose with the dosage cup method described in aphorism 270 of Hahnemann’s Organon, 6th edition. The homeopathic remedy Staphysagria was added in Q potencies, as Jerry still felt angry over “being canned” – which I considered a possible psychological obstacle to cure. We also added Arnica montana in Q potencies to address the past head trauma (just in case there were any long term sequels from it), and “clearing remedies” to antidote his childhood vaccines. Furthermore, he took daily doses of Hepar sulphuris calcareum – Hahnemann’s primary mercury antidote, in a 2x potency. These five remedies (Nat-m, Aur, Staph, Arn, Hep) were to be taken in alternation once daily, in addition to the “clearing remedies.”

By March 2001 he was finished with the “clearing” or “RCT” protocol – having begun to antidote all past adverse influences on his health. He felt much better psychologically, “more positive than I’ve felt in years.” He had his amalgam fillings replaced using proper protocols, and began with our oral mercury detoxification protocol[17]. He still took occasional B12, at 5000mcg, “for a boost”, until I reminded him that such doses could methylize mercury in his system, potentially making it more destructive. He gradually curbed his megadoses of B12 down to 100 mcgs daily.


Addressing the Predisposition to Cancer

As he felt better emotionally, we discontinued Staphysagria and Aurum metallicum. Also, we discontinued the Arnica, as I felt it had done what it could and was no longer useful. We switched to Lachesis as his primary homeopathic remedy, while continuing Natrum muriaticum. At this point also the “cancer diathesis” needed to be addressed, so the homeopathic remedy Carcinosinum was added. The remedies were taken in alternation, as before, in the standard Q-potencies regimen.

Over the next 12 months, Jerry took several other remedies to address his MS symptoms, including Argentum nitricum and Lathyrus, but the best fit was Lachesis. By summer, he reported that he was able to feel almost normal in hot and humid temperatures, and his ability to concentrate had greatly improved. He had begun walking for exercise, even in the heat of summer. His balance problem improved and while he suffered a setback for several months, he finally realized a permanent long-term improvement. During the first year, he had only minimal improvement in the weakness of his left leg and the numbness of left hand.

By the end of 2002, after two years of homeopathic treatment with Lachesis, Jerry reported an overall improvement in balance and was able to walk well. He was swimming several times a week now. He could look up for an extended period of time without getting dizzy. The tightness and peculiar weight sensation on his torso and abdomen were completely gone. Jerry noticed he was getting stronger and no longer felt as numb. By January 2004, Jerry felt good enough to work hard in his garden. The numbness continued to improve and there was further improvement in the strength of his left leg. He could now button his shirt almost normally.

Over the next several years, the deep-acting constitutional homeopathic remedies Natrum muriaticum and Carcinosinum effected a profound psychological change. When Jerry stopped dwelling on his past regrets and felt he could move on with life, Natrum muriaticum was discontinued. He also felt more self-confident, less defeatist and more inclined to take care of himself. He noticed that his need for approval from others diminished. He was no longer floundering. He now felt he had a direction in life. You might say he matured. Since Carcinosinum addressed a hereditary diathesis, Jerry remained on daily doses of it until he ended homeopathic treatment.


Relationship Troubles

By September 2004, relationship conflicts with his girlfriend Molly became intense. This clearly affected him negatively overall. After talking with Molly privately and learning a few more important symptoms relating to Jerry’s personality, such as the way he handled conflict and “he never, ever admits he is wrong or that there is ever a problem,” I decided to add the homeopathic remedy Lycopodium clavatum to Jerry’s daily regimen.

This remedy had profound effects on his overall health. By July 2005, Jerry was working eight-hour days again. His hand was almost back to normal, and although his left leg was still weaker than the right, he bragged about how much more stamina he had. He no longer stumbled when walking. I observed that his walking looked almost normal. Molly confirmed the physical improvements and said that they were getting along much better.

At a follow-up consultation in December 2005, Jerry reported his left leg was almost back to normal and that he could now trot, almost jog! After 5 years, he decided on his own, and against my urging, to discontinue the oral mercury chelation. He was now running an insurance business and working ten to twelve-hour days. The homeopathic treatment was helping and he admitted, “I feel the best I’ve felt in years.” However, the relationship with his girlfriend was, in his words, “beyond repair.”

This situation continued throughout 2006, with “very little interaction with my girlfriend. Although we live together, we are like ‘two ships passing each other in the night.’” Molly finally moved out at year’s end. Jerry felt that things were resolved amicably and he was grateful to her for referring him to homeopathic treatment.

Jerry soon met another woman and this presented a problem he had almost forgotten about: Jerry had difficulty with ejaculation. While his erections were strong and long-lasting, he “never finished” and ejaculated. The homeopathic remedy Agaricus muscarius was selected and a month later, at his next follow-up, Jerry reported that his sexual performance had been enhanced. He had natural orgasms again, something he had not been able to have during intercourse for several years now (although he had never felt the need to ask for help before).


Long Term Improvements

Overall improvements in his emotional, physical and mental state steadily continued for the next several years. When Jerry’s brother died in 2010, he coped well and did not have any setbacks in his health. The same was the case when his current girlfriend abruptly ended the relationship after two years of “the happiest time of my life.” He recovered quickly and found love again. On a vacation in spring 2011, he “walked, rode a bicycle, swam and even rode a motorcycle – all day long, as if I’d never been sick!” He was, of course, thrilled with his progress.

Jerry reported on his treatment success during a seminar at the UNC at Chapel Hill Program on Integrative Medicine[18] in October 2010. Unfortunately, this impressive testimonial was not videotaped for posterity. During that testimonial, Jerry shared how he had a recent report from his neurologist declaring that the doctor could not find any trace of MS in his scans and other tests. This was the same neurologist who, in a letter dated November 1998, said he did not expect any spontaneous remission, and that “disability” was justified! For the past ten years of homeopathic treatment, Jerry had seen no progression of his illness. He had instead only seen improvement, and had been working full time for more than five years now.

Jerry discontinued homeopathic treatment in summer 2011. On a follow-up phone call in August 2013, he reported that his improvements had held up. There was no sign of progression of his disease. He was working full time, could walk just fine, feel coins in his pocket, and had no trouble with vertigo or balance. He also told me how thankful he was for all those years of homeopathic treatment!



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Manfred Mueller

Mr. Mueller is the Founder and Principal instructor for The Homeopathic College. The College was founded in 1989. He opened a full-time homeopathic practice in 1986 and began his homeopathic studies in 1979. Manfred was President of The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) from 2005-2014. You can read Manfred's scholarly articles here: Visit his practice website at

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