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Victory Over Serious Conditions: Gallstone Colic

Homeopathy is a wonderfully powerful system of medicine. It’s successes never fail to amaze and challenge me. And this case was a bit of challenge. It is one of those cases that shows you just how important those little symptoms and clues are for the observer to be able to report to the homeopath. In fact, it wasn’t until I was presented with just such a symptom that I was able to find the remedy that cured this man’s gallstone colics. Please read on…

Chuck, 48, a busy psychotherapist, had sudden excruciating pain in his right upper abdomen. There had been a family history of gallbladder disease. Three or four homeopathic remedies were tried with no effect. One of them even aggravated the pain every time he took it during the attack. He had appalling pain, causing him to writhe on the floor and lasting four hours. He lost eighteen pounds in two months.

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