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Tuberous Acne Cured with Homeopathy

By Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

Copyright 1996, Homeopathic Associates

The young gentleman in his early thirties was a little self-conscious about his looks.  He had been plagued by severe acne of the face, a condition diagnosed as tuberous acne, although one could argue that is was really cystic acne. You could see significant acne scaring over both his cheeks, chin and all over his face, even the nose. He was otherwise in excellent health. He kept in excellent physical shape with regular yoga exercises and an all organic, vegetarian diet.

He had come to America with his family from the Punjab region of India.  His father, while keeping up his ties to the Sikh community, had raised him to observe a deeply religious life, however outside of the constraints of any organized religion. Though raised in the Sikh religion, he was dressed in comfortable Western clothing and attended regular Krishnamurti dialogues.

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