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Lawful Homeopathic Practice: Part 2. Knowing Your Rights

May 18, 2012 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Distance Learning (Call, CD or .MP3)
Christina Mueller, Director
(001) 619-741-5795

This tutorial gives a comprehensive introduction to fundamental principles of occupational law, and its foundation in the U.S. Constitution, English common law and statutory law. It explains the rights of non-physician homeopathic practitioners in the United States and describes the tools available to assert their rights in case of violation by government regulatory agencies – how to respond to and work with investigators, while protecting the confidentiality of your clients, and without using the courts.

Learn about administrative or commercial process and how you can respond to Cease and Desist orders and Administrative Subpoenas. Find out why hiring an attorney is not always a good idea and how proven and effective methods not taught in law school can protect your practice against administrative overreach. (For unlicensed US professional homeopaths; for academic study only.)

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