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Homeopathic Cancer Treatment Explained with Cases: with Manfred Mueller

Veteran Homeopath Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH of demonstrates with 3 cases his unique approach to homeopathic cancer treatment using The Mueller Method™ of Homeopathy. Participants will be introduced to the newly published book Homeopathic Cancer Drugs: Oncology Materia Medica and given a preview of his upcoming book Homeopathic Cancer Drugs: Therapeutic Index & Repertory. Study with Manfred Mueller at

Receive homeopathic treatment from anywhere in the world. Manfred Mueller and his wife/colleague Christina Mueller are available for homeopathic consultations over the phone. Visit for more details.

Office Staff

Posted by one of the staff at The Homeopathic College Visit Mr. Mueller's Homeopathic Practice at

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