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H1N1, Fear Mongering & Homeopathy: Safer Alternatives to the Flu Shot

By Manfred Mueller, MA, DHM, RSHom(NA), CCH

The flu propaganda machine is currently in full gear. Supposedly, the H1N1- swine flu is rearing its ugly head again. Dire consequences and even deaths are regularly reported on the nightly news. Scary enough to make you run to your local drug store and get a flu shot!

Learning From History

– H1N1 1918 Spanish Flu

The 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic was also an outbreak of the H1N1[1],[2]. During that outbreak, conventional hospitals reported around 30% fatalities[3]. We now know that most of these deaths happened because doctors prescribed, among other things, aspirin, which is contraindicated during the flu because it causes Reye’s Syndrome.[4] In contrast, in homeopathic hospitals (hospitals where only homeopathic medicines were used), 1.05% or less total fatalities were reported.[3]

The good news is, under homeopathic treatment, neither the swine flu, nor the seasonal flu are likely to be a serious threat. And, there is a homeopathic way to prevent it altogether.

Homeopathic Immunizations – A Viable Alternative

Homeopathic immunizations have been around just as long as conventional vaccinations. Some studies have shown that homeopathic immunizations can be more effective than the conventional vaccines. As early as 1907, a study footnote[5] found that homeopathic smallpox immunization was more effective than the conventional variola vaccine. A large-scale study of the homeopathic bacterial meningitis immunization found the homeopathic immunization was highly effective.[6] Most recently, an even larger study tested the homeopathic leptospirosis immunization on 2.5 million people in Cuba and found it was more effective than the conventional leptospirosis vaccine.[7] And, homeopathic immunizations are generally considered safe and without adverse effects.

Vaccines – Dangerous and Sometimes Fatal Side Effects

Being without adverse side effects is not something one can say about conventional vaccines. For example, when the former President George W. Bush administration in the United States mandated the variola vaccine and promised to vaccinate 500,000 healthcare workers, the campaign came to a grinding halt after the vaccine resulted in numerous deaths and disabilities of previously healthy people.

This quote from Lynne Born’s article “Drugging America To Death” sums up the situation:

“While the public was repeatedly told that the expected death rate from the vaccine would be one to two per million, in fact, there have been three deaths among the approximately 36,000 civilians vaccinated (including the few hundred embedded reporters). This makes the actual death rate 80 times higher than what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told the public to expect. Serious adverse reactions such as brain swelling, heart inflammation, heart attacks, uncontrolled ulceration of the skin and more, are one in 583, seven times higher than the CDC’s original guesstimate of one in 4,000. It is virtually certain that even these numbers are vastly underreported since, once again, the adverse reporting system for the program was not mandatory, mirroring the same shoddy and incomplete tracking system that benefits the pharmaceutical industry.”

When the swine flu vaccine was first tried in 1976, the mounting deaths and disabilities put an end to that campaign, too.  The most recent attempt by the vaccine industry to scare us all into submission was underscored by a dire warning by the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring we would face a global epidemic. Early in 2009, I had predicted what a complete disaster the H1N1 vaccine campaign would become and tried to warn against the scare tactics and the risks of the vaccine.

Negative Reports About the Swine Flu Vaccine

At first we received some concerned mail about our warning against the shot, but were quickly vindicated when the negative news on the vaccine kept coming. Here are some examples:

H1N1 vaccine linked to 700 percent increase in miscarriages

ABC News Vaccines may have increased swine flu risk By Annie Guest

Fears over mutating swine flu virus that could render vaccine useless.

WHO probes swine flu narcolepsy concerns in 12 countries

Scientists finally admit H1N1 vaccine causes increased risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome

Don’t fall for the fear-mongering

These are just a few examples of hundreds of news articles documenting the Swine flu vaccine disaster. Perhaps the global pandemic never happened after all because so many well-informed individuals and even doctors opted out of the shot. When entire countries pulled out of the scam, the WHO itself was accused of fraud.

The current flu vaccine propaganda happily ignores these reports and relies on the generalized microwave-induced dementia and memory loss of the target population. This applies also to the constant diet of insane drugs ads Americans are treated to at 10 minute intervals while watching their favorite TV shows. Don’t fall for these scams!

 Natural, Safe Solutions

Protect yourself and your loved ones with immune boosting medicaments: Vitamin C, astralagus, Colloidal Silver, Elderberry syrup, Echinacea angustifolia tincture (HPUS), homeopathic H1N1 and Influenzinum 30C…and if you get sick, avoid immunosuppressive treatments like Tamiflu, antibiotics and vaccines. Reduce or eliminate your exposure to wireless technology including cellphones (take battery out), unplug cordless phone; do not use WIFI; turn off the WII, etc…

For a more extensive list of solutions and immune boosting factors, please see our “Tips for Keeping Up Your Resistance to Infectious Disease” article.

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Manfred Mueller

Mr. Mueller is the Founder and Principal instructor for The Homeopathic College. The College was founded in 1989. He opened a full-time homeopathic practice in 1986 and began his homeopathic studies in 1979. Manfred was President of The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) from 2005-2014. You can read Manfred's scholarly articles here: Visit his practice website at


Debby Bruck

Dear Manfred
I believe slowly, people have begun to question the safety and efficacy of vaccinations in general and anti-influenza vaccines specifically. The more news gets out about harmful short and longterm side-effects from vaccinations, the more frequently this topic comes into the social conversations. People want answers and valid information to make knowledgeable decisions for their health and the health of their children.

History has provided a vast wealth of experience and database of information. The corporate industries continue to change the landscape of the environment through genetic engineering, chemical and radiological waste, pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. In turn, living organisms affected by these stressors find modes of survival or die off. These changes affect the living planet, at large, including all the bacteria, viruses, prions and molds, which may impact human health, as well.

The public now seek out methods to boost their immune system and work WITH nature as all other organisms. Rather than construct seek and destroy missiles, or broad spectrum kill everything in sight strategies; we must utilize our God given abilities to improve our inner wellbeing through nurturing mind/body/soul energy. We must find ways to live in harmony, creating a balance with nature. Blessings, Debby

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